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Plant Management
Sophisticated and Complete Production Process
The water-white grade C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin at a top-class international level can be produced by using the advanced patent technology provided by Synthomer and making use of the high-quality feedstock from YPC, in combination with the common efforts made by all the professional personnel from YSC. The equipment used was purchased worldwide, and reasonable investment and high-efficiency output can be ensured.

Advanced and Internationalized Production Management Mechanism
YSC has established a complete system of the integrated management. We are imposing strict management on the safety, quality and environmental protection, and are possessed of advanced and perfect laboratory testing and inspection and a strict quality control system, we can supply the high-quality C5 hydrogenated petroleum resin to our customers. During the construction period of project complete records were maintained for the construction. Safety and environmental protection shall be our undertakings that we will be strictly abided forever.

Technical supports
Relying on the strong production and technical supports given by the parent company YPC, YSC based in Nanjing supplies excellent products consistently to the customers. Meanwhile, always keeping a perfect and stable contact with UK Synthomer Company, YSC is ensured to obtain the most advanced technology and product application support from Synthomer within a shortest time.

YSC passed Quality, Environment, Occupation, Health and Safety Management System Certification.

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